"The best way to predict the future is to invent it yourself" - Alan Kay 1971.
"An operating system is a collection of things that don't fit into a language.
There shouldn't be one." - Dan Ingalls, 1981.
Alan Kay lecture video's:
Sustainable Thinking part 1 / part 2
Is it really complex or did we just make it complicated?
The Future Doesn't need to be incremental
Morphle produces protocol oblivious Openflow linespeed modular switches with 4 to 128 ports with 1/10/40/100/400 Gbps optical and copper interfaces. We produce a full range of optical lasers in SFP, SFP+, QSFP and many more formats. We ship worldwide on the same day.
We created the SiliconSqueak many-core microprocessor that can run almost all Squeak images without modification. We offer Seaside, Pier, Open Cobalt, Pharo and Squeak hosting services on our cloud computing platform. We built Fiber to the Home and Farm mesh networks at 1 to 80 Gbps to protect your privacy on the internet. Our Morphle supercomputer scales from 5 to 200.000 of cores, is easy to program and affordable. We are going to build the Morphy computers for children and design the Squeak operating system with advanced zoomable graphical user interface.
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