Morphle Inc Hosting List : February 2014

Here are a few examples of our affordable prices (excluding 19% VAT, recoverable for companies):

*By "traffic" we mean traffic in both directions (1 GByte up and 1 GByte down = 1 GByte traffic)

Cloud Computing:
We're currently alpha-testing automated signup. If you take a moment to give us a few details about your needs, we guarantee we'll give you rock-bottom prices for great performance and service. Of course, everything depends on the number of Seaside images you might need, bandwidth, RAM requirements, and a few other factors. So give us a call and let's talk....
About Morphle Hosting:
For the last two decades, in its various incarnations, Morphle has been providing a range of hosting services. We specialize in large-scale Websites, Squeak-based hosting, co-location and SiliconSqueak super-computing and cloud-computing services, as well as Internet video hyperdistribution.